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Consu is a new network for professional consultants and businesses that connects businessmen directly with consultants, excluding the need for an intermediary

Consu - a platform for business connection between the world of business and the world of consulting

How it works?

1. Stage of registration

When registering, you shall specify how to use our platform depending on your needs:

- You may register either as a consultant
- As a business representative, who needs a consultant


2. Stage of the platform use

- If you are registered as a consultant:
You shall fill the profile and apply for assignments that comply with your skills

- If you are registered as a  business representative:
You shall publish the request, choose the ideal specialist for you and contact him/her


3. Stage of the assignment performance

- If you are registered as a consultant:
You shall perform the specified assignment and receive your fees

- If you are registered as a business representative:
You shall pay for the consultant's services; the money is stored on the platform until you are satisfied with the assignment resuts



best specialist

Best specialists

We have created a large database of successful specialists, who are ready to provide assistance to you at any time

Quick fix

Quick issue resolution

You post your issue on the platform and find the specialist required

Security of transactions

Business security

The platform guarantees the client a refund in case of poor assignment performance

For businessmen

  • Placing the request for issue resolution
  • Request performance guarantee
  • Independent search of consultants
Satisfied consultant and businessman

For consultants

  • Search for projects or applications for providing your services
  • Participation in tenders as a legal entity
  • Payment guarantee
Find a consultant
Become a consultant


What is Consu?+

Consu is a specialized online platform (aggregator) of consulting services, which unites professional consultants to promote and sell their services to business representatives.

Why should I use Consu platform?+

Client's opportunities:
  1. Time saving.
  2. High service quality assurance, as pre-moderators conduct a rigorous selection of suppliers according to various criteria (education, practical experience, projects, etc.).
  3. Convenience:
    • one platform, where the client will definitely find the consultant required;
    • intuitive and user-friendly interface provides easy selection and contact with the service provider;
    • the platform provides easy and quick search of a contractor, prices specified and many specializations;
    • no need to issue ToR and develop specifications to find a consultant. Everything is simple and clear!
  4. Guaranties:
    • Clients receive guaranteed high quality service. If while providing the service there is a need for a consultant of the other specialization, the platform will solve this task.
  5. Secure transactions
    • Contractors receive payment only upon confirmation of the service performed by the client. Before that, the money is reserved in the account.
For service providers:
  1. Single specialized marketplace to provide their services.
  2. Conditions are stable, assignment provisions are clear:
    • A service provider understands that he/she will receive a guaranteed payment for the services upon their completion.
  3. Saving time and money:
    • There is no  need to waste time and money while searching clients; clients themselves find contractors through the platform. Moreover, clients primarily turn to the platform, understanding the high quality of services.

What is the level of the specialists responding to my tasks? +

All consultants, who begin to use the platform, are checked for competence and professionalism, and you will learn about it, when choosing a consultant.

How can I post my issue? +

Just fill the appropriate form

If you still have any questions, please send them by e-mail, and we will reply

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